Elastomer Mechanical seals E23R

Elastomer Mechanical seals E23R


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Elastomer Mechanical seals E23R


The Mechanical seals E23R is a full convolution elastomeric bellows seal designed for confined spaces and limited gland depths.

Self-aligning feature compensates for excessive shaft end play and run-out.

• All types of rotary equipment, pumps, marine, mixers, agitators, blowers, fans and compressors in a variety of service applications .

• Supplied completely assembled for fast installation and field repairable.

• Complies with DIN 24960, ISO 3069, and BS.5257:1975


Performance Capabilities

•Temperature: -40°C to +205°C
(depending on materials used)
• Pressure: up to 40 bar g
• Speed: up to 13 m/s


Typical Applications

• Paints and inks
• Water
• Weak acids


Industries Served

• Chemical processing
• Conveyor and industrial equipment
• Cryogenics
• Food processing
• Gas compression
• Industrial blowers and fans
• Marine
• Mixers and agitators
• Nuclear service
• Offshore
• Oil and refinery
• Paint and ink
• Petrochemical processing
• Pharmaceutical
• Pipeline
• Power generation
• Pulp and paper
• Water systems
• Wastewater
• Treatment
• Water desalination


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