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RaymonSorin Part Company with the support of managers in economic activities, with two production complexes in Tehran and Special Economic Zone (Khuzestan Province) and focusing on the production of mechanical seals (mechanical seals) and parts related to rotary equipment, pumps, compressors and All kinds of protection systems and support of mechanical seals (SUPPLY SYSTEM), providing engineering services and consulting in the field of rotary equipment and protection systems of mechanical seals have entered the production supply.

Procurement of quality raw materials from European industrial countries and using the latest science in the world, along with precise engineering in production, attracting experienced engineers, using devices and equipment in accordance with the latest international standards, the company in the manufacture of mechanical seals and parts Rotary related to pumps and compressors and protection systems and support of mechanical seals (SUPPLY SYSTEM) in the field of the best.


Using the new idea of ​​experienced managers, taking advantage of the guidance of experienced job consultants and mastering the new technology helps the company to provide better services.


International competitions API682, API610, API598, API617, DIN24960 in the production of the company’s products and the establishment of research and development units to improve protection systems and support for mechanical futures (SUPPLY SYSTEM) have supported the confidence of domestic markets in this company.


The products of Raymon Surin Part Company have a wide range of applications in various industries, especially the major oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries, and so far has had extensive cooperation with companies under the Ministry of Oil and major industries.

RaymonSorin Part

Strategy And Vision

Paying attention to the quality management system and using the strategy of providing 24-hour services according to the establishment of the production unit in the shortest distance to the consumer markets and preventing the sleep of stagnant capital in customers’ warehouses, providing technical knowledge, preparing technical booklets in the field of manufacturing All kinds of rotary parts and the presence of the company’s experts in the production units of the customers are the unique features of RaymonSorin Part Company.

Holding training courses and technical workshops along with presenting a valid certificate is another activity of RaymonSorin Part Company.

Providing appropriate customer satisfaction services and after-sales consulting has a special place with this company.