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Resistive Economy:Production Occupation

Products of the Raymon Sorin Part Company are widely used in big industries as like as oil gas and petrochemical industries and up to now have an extensive cooperation with the big industries and oil ministry subcategory, here we have some of them

Oil refining companies


Gas Refining companies


Petrochemical companies


Glass industries


Shipbuilding industry


Roll and Steel companies



Hardware equipment and manufacturing, technical knowledge, providing software and training skilled workers are inseparable parts of movement and perdurable industry. In this regard RAYMON SORIN PART Company as a small member of this family beside the oil, gas, refining and Petrochemical Company with producing the significant and strategic needs have small role in the formation of this wide chain. Using the maximum technological since and hardware power in the country is our goal through our duty for country

So we hope with the government support from the entrepreneurs and internal producer and with localization needs of the country

This company Honored using professional stuff and giving free expertise Consultation due to the best service and support of its products and works on the way of our goal and use our power to cooperation and duty to that company

best regards

Raymon Sorin Part